I want to start with a small story about my favorite apple pie my mom used to make. That pie was so perfect in every way, the flaky pastry in the crust, the scrumptious filling, and the balance taste, it was just amazing. One day, I tried the recipe; however, it did not work as I thought. The first time the filling was too sweet, the next time the crust was too hard. I had tried lots of time, with lots of different results and every time, I attempt to bake that pie something goes wrong. I never thought I could bake it the same way my mom does so; I give up.

After a week, I tried to make it again, and this time I took my time, and I tried to bake it to myself. I changed the recipe quite a bit, I change it to what I thought would change the result, I found the result was incredible, and finally, I had success.

Now, everyone knows me will defiantly know how good I make that apple pie. Nevertheless, I have the same problem with writing. English is my second language, and it is very hard to express my ideas and thoughts in another language. Writing and speaking in a foreign language can be intimidating. In particular, navigating a text was the thing that gave me the most trouble for a long while, and is still, to some extent. However, in this activity, I discovered that in my writing, I am trying to follow the guidelines without thinking how it is going to sound to the reader.

In the article,”Tuning-in Journal” the author describe an effective point that is not just agreeing with the words of text, but truly feeling the meaning behind them.

knowing that, I think I need to create a balance between what I want to say and what my audience may read or understand from my paper.

In my writing, I am trying to communicate effectively, and I feel like I am speaking to my audience. I make mistakes. Grammar mistakes, usage mistakes, and probably a lot of other things that isn’t so easily to me. So, when I read my draft, it seems that I did not write what I initially want to present. Thinking how my target audience will interpret my thought, is an important point.

The same thing when I cook, I serve the food to my family. The article helped me to think about my sentences and rewrite what sounds awkward.
Certainly, I am writing a draft; I have a problem of how to keep my paper narrative. I am familiar with the topic I choose; however, I do not know how to make the topic relate to me. I developed the topic very well; moreover, I need to make my coherent thought that I need to do in my next draft. The article helped me to understood a new way of writing.